The One With the Very Long Rant

May 28, 2010

Hi, Demona here!

This week, I'll be covering The Evil Dead, horror remakes, Survival of the Dead, Scream 4, and bidding the late Gary Coleman farewell.


The Unnervingly Short Show

May 21, 2010

Hi, this is Demona!

This week, I'm covering the stage adaptation of the film "The Forbidden Zone", talking about "All About Evil", giving you a heads-up on the summer Blu-Ray release of "The Evil Dead", talking about Russel Crowe's interview hissy fit, and faring Ronnie James Dio a fond farewell.

Forbidden Zone Tix: OR All About Evil -


Pilot Episode

May 14, 2010

This is Demona,

This week marks our pilot episode, and as such, I'll be covering the film "Human Centipede", the "zombie satellite" Galaxy 15, Greyson Chance (Paparazzi kid), and "A Nightmare on Elm Street"

Human Centipede Trailer - Zombie Satellite - Greyson Chance - A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer - Official Nightmare on Elm Street sequel page (facebook) -